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Your most precious dream.

You are part of an almighty, magical and gracious union: The Unity of God and all Divine Beings – the Universe. You are its child and its most precious spark of magic. You are one with the Universe. You are one with all that is.
And all that is, is one with you. Eternal love, cosmic magic, heavenly peace, celestial beauty, angelic healing, divine wisdom, sacred guidance – it’s all in you and ready to be unlocked and to fill your life with infinite possibilities of true abundance! You hold the key to unlock these gifts of the Universe. You find it your heart. Its name is DREAM.
Open your heart, open your life. To that precious dream, that breathes in your heart. That calls you to change your present, to leave it behind and let it become your past. That dream that invites you to set out on a journey: the pursuit of a life that truly makes you happy.
Find this most precious dream in your heart and let it become your guide on your path. Believe in it. Even if it seems too big, too unreachable – an illusion. Just know, that it was given to you for a reason. That it is the voice of the Universe guiding you to take your place in this world. That it is your best friend, who helps you keep the faith when doubts are telling you to give up on the pursuit of the life you are longing for.
God doesn’t ask you to make plans, but to make beautiful dreams. And God believes in your dreams. The Universe believes in your dreams. And it will keep guiding your path. And dedicate its life to fulfill your dream. Because your dreams are given to you for a reason.
When I began my journey to finding my place in this world, I followed a vision. Actually, it was not even a vision, but a mere hush of a feeling, that showered me with a strong sense of purpose and warmed my soul, my body, and my mind. It made my heart smile. It was just a blurred picture of me sharing my love and wisdom with you, but it was my most precious dream. The dream that guided my path.
And as soon as I had found it, I knew what I had to do: Follow it unconditionally. Wherever it would take me. Because I knew it was the Universe’s voice calling me to take my place in this world. Guiding me to my highest good. Helping me unlock a life of true abundance. But I must confess that, in the midst of all the change I was going through, I had difficulties committing to that blurred picture, that gave me so many questions, but never an answer. The Angels guided me to keep a dream journal and it really helped me connect with this most precious dream in my heart.
It really changed my path, because it brought peace to my mind, that was constantly fretting over all the unanswered questions. I got so much more clarity about my path and it made it a lot easier to commit to that blurred picture, that I knew was my future reaching its hand out to me. And that’s why I want to share this journal with you: 

Download your free “Manifest your Dreams Journal”

Use this Journal for every dream that is dear to your heart. Answer the questions with your heart. Give all your thoughts and feelings to the Universe. And let God and your Angels find their own way to work magic in your life and to make your most precious dream come true.
Remember that God doesn’t ask us to make plans, but to make beautiful dreams. So, believe in your dreams. Because they were given to you for a reason!

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