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Your inner sacred home.

Among all the miracles breathing through your life, among all the stars brightening your path, the Universe has created a place inside you to express how deeply it cares. It’s your inner sacred home.
It’s the place inside you where your life begins. The place where you touch the light of your crystal truth. The place where you are one with the Universe. One with its wisdom, with its love, its energy, its heartbeat. Where you are safe. Where you are limitless. Where your wings spread naturally and freely. Where all your questions fade because you are the answer to all that is unsolved.
You find this place when you turn off the noise of the world. When you become still and calm and close your eyes and just follow the melody of your breathing. It takes you to the center of your being deep inside of you. To a mighty, warm, and sparkling sunny smile in your navel. There you truly feel at home and the duality of heaven and world nullifies. Your whole existence is filled with the wisdom that there is but one source of life. And you are dancing in its heartbeat.
This is no extraordinary place. No extraordinary state. It is always present, always reaching out its hands to you inviting you to come back to it and find peace and balance. Visit this place as often as possible. Fully immerse in it; whenever your feet have lost their steps, whenever your eyes have lost their sight. Whenever your heart has lost its smile. Whenever the struggle of the world weights on your wings. Come back to your inner sacred home. Let its peace brighten your life. Let it become the center of your life and moment by moment build your life around your inner sacred home and let your whole existence become in sync with the heartbeat of the Universe.
I want you to know, that there is a place inside you, where you find all the answers to your questions, where all your problems and struggle dissolve into pure love and wisdom. Where you find peace and balance and clarity and all of a sudden all the pieces of your life fall into place and whatever you do comes easy and brings success. Because you flow with the energy of the Universe. Because you are in sync with the Universe. Because you are one with the Universe.
This miracle is in you and you have been living it at least once in your life. Go back to this moment, when you felt it. Go back to that moment and fully immerse in it. Close your eyes and relive that feeling of absolute freedom and peace and follow it to its source inside of you. Follow it and let it take you deep inside of you to the area around your navel and just feel. Notice the smile on your face right now. Stay in this place, in this feeling for a few moments and let this feeling fill your whole body, your soul, your heart, your mind, your life. Let it become the center of your life. Let it become your life. Memorize this feeling of being in your inner sacred home. Whenever you find yourself struggling with feelings of being lost, alone, exhausted, overwhelmed, unhappy, unclarity, tired, etc., come back to this place, come back to your inner sacred home, and let it heal your world.
Know that you are never alone in this. Know that the Universe is having your back, that your Angels are holding your hand shielding you from any harm and guiding you to your highest good. And know that they love you. And that one way to express their infinite love for you is the miracle of your inner sacred home.

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