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You matter.

The Universe is the unity of God and all the beings of the Divine Realm, such as Angels, Fairies, Unicorns, Mermaids and many more. You belong to the Divine Realm as well, because your soul was born from the heart of God – from pure Love. This makes you part of this almighty, magical and gracious unity. You are one with God. You are one with the Divine Realm. You are one with the Universe. You are one with all that is.
The Universe is always on your side. It is your companion, it is your guard, it is your guide, it is your source of strength and confidence. It is your shoulder to cry on and it is your cheerleader. It is your friend. And that’s exactly what it wants to be for you. Unconditionally.
Open your heart, open your life. Let the Universe be your friend, let it fill your world with pure Love, Divine magic, and sacred Peace. God and all beings of the Divine Realm, your Angels, and Divine Guides, invite you to let them walk by your side. To be there for you unconditionally at every moment in your life. Whenever you need help, support, guidance, comfort, hope, wisdom, peace or simply just a smile, they are there for you. For the smallest matter, ask for their help. Because to them, no matter can be too small, when it comes to your happiness. For your happiness is their purpose. (Little example here: Whenever I find myself in a new grocery store and can’t find what I am looking for I ask the Angels to guide me to it. As simple as that. It makes me happy to find what I am looking for. And it makes the Angels happy to see me happy.)
You have come to this world, to this lifetime, to fulfill a Divine purpose. You have committed to this purpose and the Universe has committed to support you in fulfilling it. It is the Universe’s pleasure and honor to do so, to be by your side, to be your companion, to be at your service because by living your life, by fulfilling your Divine life purpose, you are bringing the most needed change to this world. You are healing the world. And you are healing the Universe. For you are one with all that is. For you are one with God.
You matter to the world and to the Universe.
And God is sincerely grateful to you.
As well as the Universe is.
As well as I am.
Thank you for being who you are.
You matter.

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