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The reason why you are in this life.

Sometimes you might feel like you don’t belong to this world and don’t fit in; sometimes you might doubt whether your life, you being part of this world, even has a meaning or whether you have been placed here merely by mistake. Sometimes you feel so different, you cannot see why you are in this world.
The truth is: You are here for a reason. Your life is no coincidence.
No soul is sent to Mother Earth by mistake. Every soul comes here willingly and with a purpose. They might forget about it, but they all have been invited to come here to fulfill a purpose. And they have accepted this invitation and have willingly and gladly decided and committed to coming into this life and fulfilling their purpose. There are even some souls, who proactively ask to come here and most likely . . . you are one of them!
All souls coming to Mother Earth share the same purpose: the purpose to grow into becoming a more evolved spiritual being by experiencing life in the physical world. And every soul is enthusiastic about growing; they want to evolve and become more and more enlightened. If you will, Mother Earth is a school for souls, who desire to grow by experiencing a physical existence for a while.
Before our birth, we choose an area in which we want to grow and the Universe maps out a plan of life lessons for us that will help us fulfill our desire. According to Divine timing, the Universe also plans ample time for us to learn all these lessons. Thus, all worries about “being behind” or “I haven’t succeeded by now, so I never will” or “I am too old”, etc. are simply untrue. As long as you follow the guidance of your inner voice, you will always be in the perfect place at the perfect time – according to Divine timing and your plan of growth. You will stay in your life until you have learned what you’ve come to learn and have reached the growth you’ve desired. You will not leave earlier unless you decide to. And even then you will be able to reach the growth you have chosen because you will . . . simply come back.
The choice of which area we desire to grow in is highly individual. And so are our paths. Some of us, for example, chose to grow to be more empathic, others want to grow to become stronger, some desire to grow to be more confident, or experience true love, etc. The life lessons we experience are designed to match the growth we desire and are, thus just as individual as the area we choose to grow in, which makes it not only impossible but also needless and pointless to compare each other’s paths and lives or to even amend our paths just to please others.
Usually, one lifetime is dedicated to the growth in one area. A soul, though, can expand infinitely. There are so many areas in which a soul can grow – they don’t fit into one single lifetime. And that’s why we keep coming back. To learn and grow step by step. Until we live our last life before becoming an entirely enlightened soul of full light.
Entirely enlightened souls of full light go back to their homes in the Universe and become Angels, Guardian Angels, spiritual guides, spiritual guards, ascended masters, etc guiding and guarding other souls living their human experience. They do come back to Earth from time to time. But not with the mere purpose to grow. They still learn and grow, though. Because in Divine truth there is no limit to how enlightened a soul can become. Because souls can expand infinitely.
They come back to planet Earth because they love it and deeply care for it. They are grateful to their school, to their teacher, who has helped them to evolve and become enlightened. So, they watch over this planet and all its inhabitants very closely. And as soon as they sense one of them struggling, suffering or being unhappy, they intervene by helping, supporting and healing them. Sometimes they do so from a distance. From their homes in the Universe. But sometimes, they feel that that is not enough. That they want to be closer to those they wish to heal. And so they ask to come back to Mother Earth and to become physical again; to go on a mission of healing this world by expressing their Divine light and wisdom as human beings for a little while. To become Earth Angels.
Earth Angels, like you.
The truth is that you decided to come to this life not only with the aim to grow as a spiritual being but above all with the mission to help humankind to grow and evolve to become more and more enlightened by sharing your Divine light and wisdom as well as by bringing Divine healing to this world.
Before you were born, you were asked or proactively asked to come to Mother Earth with the purpose to share Divine wisdom, light, and healing to help humankind to evolve into becoming more and more enlightened. You might have forgotten it, but deep down you remember it very well. You remember your love for this planet and the commitment you wholeheartedly made.
Do you see that your life does have a meaning?
And that you are here for a reason?
Can you feel how precious your presence on this planet is?
You might still feel that you don’t belong to this world, to humankind. That you are different and don’t fit in. But there’s a reason why: It’s simply because you do not belong to this world. You are different. And you do not fit in. And you are not meant to fit in.
Because the truth is: Being different is part of your mission.
It is not your purpose to fit in. You have come to end suffering. To end unhappiness. You have come to bring healing. To enlighten humankind. To help it grow and evolve. Not by assisting it with continuing living the same way as ever since. But by inspiring it to change. By genuinely being who you are. By honoring your feelings and your values. And openly sharing your light, your wisdom and your love for this planet and all its inhabitants.
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