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The blessed treasure hunt

Do you know that frustrating situation when you find yourself facing several different paths that all promise to guide you to the life you are longing for, but then just lead you into blind allies and no matter what and how hard you try, nothing works out? It’s one of the most exhausting feelings I know!
But what I also know is that this seemingly so hopeless situation is actually a blessing. Yes, you read right! It is a gift from the Universe, a sign that you are on the perfect right path and very close to manifesting your best life. This seemingly so hopeless situation can easily be turned into a magical turning point in your life and, if you will, into the “Intro to your best life”.
It all starts with you feeling a vision arise in your heart. A vision of your best life. And it calls you to follow it, to let go of your old and outworn life, of everything that no longer serves you and no longer makes you happy. So, you follow this vision, this calling and leave your old life behind and decide to pursue your best life. But having no clarity about what this best life really is, you find yourself in the situation, where you are offered several different paths that all promise to lead you to live your best life.
I, for example, was offered the paths of being a novelist, an actress, a musical performer, a photographer, an artist, a philosopher, a teacher. And I tried to be successful in these professions and I loved all of them, but every single one of them lead me into a blind alley very soon. I failed at all of them and it hurt. It really hurt and I felt like I was good for nothing and unworthy of being happy and that the vision in my heart was a mere illusion.
But it wasn’t.
The vision in your heart is no illusion. It is your place in this world calling you to live your purpose and find home in this world. But as a highly sensitive person, your purpose is not a traditional career, it’s not the 9 to 5 job, no profession that already exists and is mapped out by society. (By the way, you wouldn’t even want that, right!?) Your profession, your career doesn’t exist yet. As a highly sensitive person, you will create it. By following your vision that sends you on a magical treasure hunt.
On this magical treasure hunt, the Universe offers you several different paths, several different careers, that come close to the purpose you are meant to live. All of them will lead to blind allies because they are not your destiny – they are your teachers. On all of these paths, you will find a diamond of wisdom hinting to your purpose. Like pieces to complete a jigsaw, these diamonds of wisdom guide you to find the precious treasure: Your life purpose.
It was not my purpose to be a novelist, but writing books is part of my purpose and it is also the part I loved most about being a novelist.
It was not my purpose to be an actress or a musical performer, but being on stage entertaining an audience is part of my purpose and it is also the part I loved most about being an actress or a musical performer.
It was not my purpose to be a teacher, but sharing my wisdom is part of my purpose and it is also the part I loved most about being a teacher.
etc. All these little hints guided me to find my purpose: I am a Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach, who shares her wisdom in books and on stage.
By sending you on this magical treasure hunt, the Universe helps you to bring together all the necessary diamonds of wisdom by having you walk a few steps on several different paths that have something in common with your life purpose. The Divine truth is: These paths are not meant to work out. They are meant to introduce you to your purpose. To the different aspects of your purpose, that will sum up to be the purpose you will create in this world. Can you see, what a blessed situation this is? And can you see, that you are very close to finding your place in this world?
I know that it hurts to be in this situation. But if you understand why you are in this situation, you can make the best of it and turn it into a magical turning point in your life! And there is this simple exercise that will help you:
1) Write down all the paths that offer to take you to live your best life
2) For every single path, ask yourself 7 times why you want this path to work out?
3) For every single path, ask yourself what you love most about this path?
4) Bring all the 7th answers & the things you love most about the paths together and sum them up to get a clear picture of your life purpose.
Do this exercise and smile. Smile and be ready to see your purpose magically unfold before you.

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