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Your Moments with the Universe.

Even if you sometimes feel like you do not belong to this world, there is a reason why you are here and there is great value in you feeling and being different. Because in being different you are doing an important service to the world by helping it evolve into a more enlightened world.
So, the truth is that you have come here for a reason. That you have willingly decided to come to fulfill a purpose. And that your purpose has arranged a place for you in this world, in which you can find home on this planet.
And it is easier to find and take your place in this world! In “Moments with the Universe”, my free video series, I share everything you need to know to find home in this world. In 11 episode you will
  learn the hidden wisdom behind the feeling of being stuck and a very powerful exercise to overcome it
  find your Most Precious Dream that guides you on your path to finding home in this world
  learn how to easily and creatively manifest your life purpose
 let go of all your limiting beliefs that keep you from taking your place in this life
 deeply connect to your inner voice and learn to distinguish between the ego and your inner voice
 fall in love with your body
 find out why you are not only allowed but ASKED to be happy
 discover the truth about why you are in this life and learn how to handle the feeling of not belonging to this world
 MUCH MORE!!!!!!
Hop over to my Youtube Channel, subscribe and sit back, relax and enjoy your moments with the Universe!
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Moments with the Universe | Petra Hedwig Amalia - Spiritual Teacher & Life Coach
Enjoy 🙂

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