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It just takes a little time.

Everyone who follows a vision and brings change into this world – big or small – by creating something new, will, at some point, find themselves trapped in a state of despair where nothing seems to work out, where all odds seem to be against them, and where it feels as if the world has left them. That’s when they experience the dry spell on their path to manifesting their life purpose. And the most precious and significant moment in their life. (Even if it doesn’t feel like it.)
The journey begins with a vision. At first, you don’t understand it. It seems to make no sense. But it feels good. And it feels right. So, you follow it until you feel that it starts making sense; until you realize that this vision is nothing but your life purpose and holds all of your happiness. Deep down you feel that there will never be anything else in this world, that will make more sense; that will ever make you happier.
You take small steps. Experience first successes, manifest more and more moments of happiness and know that you are on the right path and have found what you have longed for all your life. And then a miracle happens! You decide with every fiber of your heart to live your purpose and to let your vision become a reality.
You start walking your path – a path that seems to have appeared in front of you as if by magic, but, in truth, has been paved for you by your purpose: your purpose has synchronized all the energies in the Universe so that now, as you have decided to commit to your vision, everything can come together to help you manifest your dream.
But this takes time.
It takes time for things to come together. For the Universe to synchronize all energies. So that your door can open. And during this time, it seems as if the world stands still. And during this time, you live the dry spell on your path to manifesting your life purpose. And the most precious and significant moment in your life. Because when everything becomes still, change can happen. And the world can prepare itself for the gift you will bring it by living your purpose.
But there’s someone else who needs to prepare: You.
You have committed to your vision, your purpose, and have decided to align your whole life accordingly. But you have to prepare for that; have to grow, have to get to know yourself anew and become one with your purpose.
And that takes time.
And that brings change.
It is during the dry spell that our life changes the most. But it is also during the dry spell that we doubt the most. We start questioning ourselves. Our vision. Our commitment. And it is during the dry spell that we start thinking about giving up. But trust me: There couldn’t be a worse time to give up. You have accomplished so much! You have set the whole Universe in motion; you have set in motion a process of change that will make the world a better place; to bring the Divine healing and wisdom humankind has been praying for. It just takes a little time.
The Universe is on your side and will send you tiny but magic moments of encouragement that help you keep believing in your purpose and to hold on to your vision and commitment. Because what you are about to manifest is the gift of healing and wisdom the world has been waiting for. And there is only one person who can bring it into this world, and that is you!
Don’t give up now! Know, that you are on the perfect right path and that the Universe is preparing to help you give birth to your purpose. The world is preparing for making your vision a reality. You are preparing for becoming who you truly are.
It just takes a little time.

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