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I’m Petra Hedwig Amalia.

A Life Purpose Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Writer, and Earth Angel dedicated to helping you find your purpose, create a meaningful life you love and change the world.
Because the world needs the unique spiritual gift only you have. And because you deserve to live an abundant and fulfilling life.

One of the most precious truths I ever uncovered is that we’re all here for a reason: To live our life purpose.

For many years I felt lost and homeless in this world. I felt like I didn’t belong because I was so different from everyone else and struggled to fit in. I felt that I was missing something in my life and desperately longed to finally live a happy and fulfilled life. But I just didn’t know how.
Then, my life changed: I felt a vision arise in me, in which I saw myself being a Guardian Angel to humankind, guarding and guiding people, being on their side throughout their lives, dedicating my life to their happiness. And this vision showered me with a sense of belonging. And I knew that nothing would ever make me happier.

The vision of the life we most long to live is the voice of the Universe inviting us to live our purpose.

I followed this vision unconditionally. Even if it was but a mere hunch of a feeling and I had no idea how it could ever come true. But I knew that, eventually, it would. And that was enough.
And I embarked on the most magical journey of my life. The journey to awakening the truth about my life; to find the answers to the questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”; to remembering my Divine mission and awakening my life purpose.

I know that the journey of awakening is challenging. And I know that it’s totally worth it!

I had to let go of everything I knew and to admit that my life was a neatly arranged delusion of myself that helped me to fit in and to numb the feelings of being different and of not belonging to this human world. It was a long and sometimes hurting road. But once I had let go, I was free to welcome the blessings the Universe had prepared for me.
On this journey, I remembered the wisdom in my soul: It revealed to me who I am and why I’ve come to this life. It brought me back to myself and guided me to end my struggle with being human. And to truly live my purpose.
I answered the calling of my purpose to be a life coach and spiritual teacher. I began to study the wisdom of the Universe by channeling it from my Angels and Spirit Guides and Guards and getting certificates as Archangel Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Angel Card Reader, Realm Reader, and studying Crystal Children and Indigo Awakening. 

Living your purpose means living the life of your dreams.

After 10 years of being a pro bono coach for various niches, I decided to become a full-time life coach and spiritual teacher because I felt that it’s the only way I could deliver the most dedicated and high-quality service to my clients. in other words: It’s the only way, I can dedicate my life to their happiness.
Today, I live my vision. Today, I am a Life Purpose Coach, and the blurred vision I had back then is now my everyday life: I am a “Guardian Angel in human clothes” helping empaths awaken their life purpose, create a meaningful life they love and change the world.
And I know that my life in this human world is no coincidence. Today, I feel that I’m a precious part of this world and have found home in it. I’ve come a long way, but I learned to overcome the feeling of being lost and homeless, unwanted and unworthy. And today, I live an abundant and fulfilling life.

I believe that the same is possible for you!

Let’s make it happen!

And I am here to help you get where you desire to be.
You have a purpose, and it is calling you. The vision in your heart is no illusion. It’s the key to living the abundant life you’re longing for. Believe in it and I’ll empower you to follow it.
I’ll help you get crystal clear on your purpose and your vision for the meaningful life you desire and design a strategic action plan to achieve your results. Also, I’ll help you upgrade your skills, optimize your environment, and master your psychology to overcome fears & doubts super fast.

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My promise & my mission

I’m your coach. Your mentor. Your Guardian Angel. Your best friend. And I’ll walk this path with you. To help you create your highest bliss: A meaningful & abundant life you love.

Let’s make it happen!



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